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Boxie Command Listing

Asterisk (*): These commands must be typed in by themselves and cannot be chained.

General Usage
Command Description Example
*queue/q view, add, and remove the files in the queue queue
*config displays the configuration window config
*clipboard/cb adds the clipboard image or text to the queue clipboard
*clipboard:[name] adds the clipboard image or text to the queue with the name [name] clipboard:myapp
*webdir/www launches ftp web directory in your web browser webdir
*listen allows other boxies to connect to your Boxie app listen
*connect:[alias/ip] attempts to connect to [alias/ip] if they are listening for you connect:
*tagmusic opens the music tagging window for easy renaming of music files based on id3 tags tagmusic
*update automatically updates your executable with the latest version update
*clear clears all the files in the queue clear
*about displays information about Boxie about
*help opens this page in your web browser help
*exit/quit/x closes Boxie exit

File Management
Command Description Example
upload uploads all files in the queue to FTP upload
*send sends all files in the queue to the connected remote host send
*zip adds all files in the queue to a zip file; clears the queue; adds zip file to queue zip
*zip:[name] adds all files in the queue to a zip file named [name]; clears the queue; adds zip file to queue zip:myfiles
delete/del deletes the original file (do this before save command) delete

Image Manipulation
Command Description Example
flipx flip image over the x-axis flipx
flipy flip image over the y-axis flipy
rotate90 rotate image 90 degrees clockwise rotate90
rotate180 rotate image 180 degrees clockwise rotate180
rotate270 rotate image 270 degrees clockwise rotate270
grayscale/gs convert the image to grayscale grayscale
scale:[1-999] scale image to [1-999] percent scale:25
suffix:[text] appends [text] to ends of filenames suffix:_new
osuffix:[text] appends [text] to ends of old filenames osuffix:_old
width:[#] sets the absolute width to [#] width:1280
height:[#] sets the absolute height to [#] height:720
save overwrites original and saves as the same file type save
savejpg/savejpeg saves changes as a jpg (use as the last command) savejpg
savepng saves changes as a png (use as the last command) savepng
savegif saves changes as a gif (use as the last command) savegif
saveico saves changes as a ico (use as the last command) saveico
savebmp saves changes as a bmp (use as the last command) savebmp
savetiff saves changes as a tiff (use as the last command) savetiff

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