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Build Notes

Build 011 11/2/10
  • Added the ability to set automated actions when certain file types are dragged onto the executable. For instance, if enabled, when MP3 files are dragged onto the executable, they will be renamed based on id3 tags in the format: "Artist - Song Title.mp3". You can fully configure this in the "config" window.
Build 010 10/21/10
  • Temporarily disabled the draw command that is in development. It is almost done but not yet available this build.
  • Added the "tagmusic" command to open up the Music Tagger. This window will allow you to easily rename multiple music files based on id3 tags.
Build 009 8/10/10
  • Added zip and zip:name commands. This command will add all files in the queue to a zip file, then clear the queue and add the zip file to the queue. The zip file will have a randomized file name unless you use the zip:name command to specify a specific name. The zip file is stored in the same directory as the Boxie executable.
  • Added "Keep Boxie as the top-most window" option to the config (must restart Boxie for changes to apply)
  • Fixed a few instances where the log window would open more than once
  • Removed the Boxie update path from the config (didn't think it was really needed since it should never change)
Build 008 8/9/10
  • Modified clipboard command to allow for text data
  • Improved clipboard command to properly dispose of used resources
  • Version check result will now be shown in a message box (if a new version is available)
Build 007 8/8/10
  • WAN IP is now acquired on a separate thread (since sometimes it takes a few seconds it will no longer freeze the app)
Build 006 8/6/10
  • Added multi-threading capabilities (as a new library for future functions)
  • Added version checking
  • Updated config for version checking options
Build 005 8/5/10
  • Added send and listen commands
  • Pressing TAB will auto complete if only one command is visible on the smart typing window
  • Added an uploading message to the upload command
Build 004 8/4/10
  • Added smart typing
  • Updated config for smart typing options
Build 003 8/3/10
  • Added listen and connect commands
  • Fixed bug with clipboard:text command
  • Opacity changed of main window and log window
Build 002 8/2/10
  • Added update command
  • Added clipboard:name and cb:name commands
  • Config window updated to change update url
  • Color added to log window for success and error messages
Build 001 8/1/10
  • Initial release

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